(MFA) Master in Fine Arts, University College London, Slade, University of London, UK.

(BA) Bachelor of Arts Honours, University of Brighton, UK.

(FAD) Foundation in Art & Design,
Bellerby´s College, Hove, UK.

Interested in the transcendental befall of the human being between life and death, Soler, generates collective and individual actions and interventions in public spaces. After these actions take place, he documents, appropriates and translates them into versatile installations where video, photography and found objects consolidate to build spaces where these mediums are interwoven and the presence of the body can be read from its absence.

He holds a BFA from The University of Brighton and an MFA from The University College London, Slade. His latest project "Anticipación/Retrovisión”, 2012 was developed during an artistic residency in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, where he directed a massive performance with over 1500 participants that concluded in a major solo show at the Museo de Arte de Santa Marta.

He currently works in a traditional 1950´s restored house that he rebuilt and reinvented as an installation space, an artistic research studio and a creative production base located in Bogota’s International centre.



Anticipación/Retrovisión II, Site Specific Intervention Project, "Vth Photographic Biennale, "Panorama del Paisaje”, Fotográfica 2013”, Virgilio Barco National Library, Bogotá,Col.


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Anónimo, Collective Performance, Jorge Tadeo lozano University, Bogotá, Col.


Anticipación, Collective Performance, Jorge Tadeo lozano University , Bogotá, Col.


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Supervisión, Video Installation, Site Specific Intervention Project, Museum of Art, National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Col.


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2013 13/18- 45

Alliance Francaise, International Art Fair ARTBO, Bogotá, Col.


Live Now Die Later, Soler StudioHub, Bogotá, Col.


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Visceral Fest, Urban massive attack/Video installation, Centro Colombo AmericanoBogotá, Col.

Friends, La Cometa Gallery, Bogotá, Col.


En dehors du natural, Video-installation,"La Colombie a Paris”,Les Voutes,Paris, Francia

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Street Art, Site Specific Intervention Project, Centro Colombo AmericanoBogotá Col.

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Painting in the Park, Bloomsbury Painters, London, UK

Hang the Curator, The Central Space, London, UK


Urge, Arte Moderno, Bogotá, Col.

Choice Story, Brighton Media Center, Brighton, UK.


Consequences, Small Mansions Centre, London, UK

Awards / Scholarships


Shortlisted Artist, International Emerging Artist Award, Dubai


Exhibition Award, Ciclo Nuevas Propuestas: Artes plásticas, fotografía y nuevos medios en Colombia, Alliance française, Bogotá, Col.


Invited Artist, Kunglica Konsthogskolan, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden.

Friends Programme Scholarship, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, Univ. of London, UK.


Andor Scholarship, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, University of London, UK.

Friends Programme Scholarship, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, Univ. of London, UK.


Duveen Award, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, University of London, UK.

Alan Davie Painting Prize, University of Brighton, UK

Painting Prize Nomination, Burt Brill & Cardens, University of Brighton, UK



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